A journey to excellence- humble beginnings

Ever since I took my parents point and shoot camera on a school trip I was hooked on photography. The thing is I had a huge challenge ahead of me when it came to what I was allowed to shoot. Under a strict instructions from my father I could only take pictures when me or my friends were on view not just photos of buildings or things.

How time have changed...

Just over 20 years ago we had a basic film camera not a digital, so had to preserve the film for only important memories. You know the film costs money and developing it and then printing all the pictures... So yeah I was under a lot of pressure then and as a well behaved daughter I did what I was told to... while shooting an interesting for me at the time architecture I made sure I included my foot in the scene. :)

I believe that is what got me started in a non standard picture taking. My father himself is an avid photographer, taking some pretty cool photos back in the day of film cameras and developing them himself. It is his passion I believe as he does carry his camera every where.

Photography is an expensive hobby which I began to realize really early on and experienced first hand while in an art school.

We had a year or 2 compulsory photography module, it didn't matter if we were on a music or design course. I had to equip myself in a proper camera to pass the module. Luckily for me my uncle kindly loaned me his old Practica camera. It was a beautiful piece of equipment. I was terrified to use it and break it by accident!

I have super fond memories of pulling the film winder and fiddling with all the options. I think my first film was all over exposed! But I did manage to take some good photos and pass the module with flying colours.

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